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General Templates

These general templates have been provided to provide alternatives for evidence generation and also for general use by those who undertake SFEDI Awards qualifications who are looking to start and run their own business. Their use is not mandated and, if they are used as evidence towards a qualification, they will need to be mapped against the relevant standards.

Business Model Canvas Template
Business Plan Template
Financial Document Templates
Marketing Plan Template
Marketing Action Plan
Competitor Analysis Template
PESTLE Analysis Template
Risk Analysis Template

Assessment Tools

If you have particular units that you would like to be considered for development of an assessment tool please speak with a member of the Customer Service team who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please note we do not mandate the use of these assessment tools and centres should feel free to develop their own assessment methods for use to best meet the needs of their learners.

Level 1

A6152257 Creative Thinking
A6152744 Stress and Stress Management
A6152291 Disclosing Offences
D5052805 Undertaking an Individual Role Within a Social Enterprise Activity
D6152249 Personal Presentation and Its Impact
F6152244 Developing an Enterprising Character
F6152261 Managing Your Time
H6152253 Assertiveness
H6152270 Completing Voluntary Work
J5066083 Understand How to Access Help and Support in Business
J5083093 Understanding Consumer Buying Behaviour
J6152245 Self-Awareness and Self-Belief
K5052161 Understand the Skills and Knowledge Required to Run a Business
K5066089 Understand How to Market Your Business
K6152254 Individual Motivation
K6152268 Online Etiquette and Safety
K6152285 Presenting Information
L6152246 Resilience and Grit
L6152750 Understand the Legal Structures Available for Business
L6152277 The Importance of Managing Personal Finance
M5052145 Understand Opportunities and Risks Within Business
M6152272 Safeguarding
M6152286 Understanding Your Customers
R5050890 Principles of Social Media for Business Use
R5052154 Understand the Importance of Business Planning
R5066085 Understand How to Make Successful Deals in a Business
R6152278 Find the Right Job
R6152748 Understand the Challenges of Running a Business from Home
T5052129 Understand Enterprising Skills
T5052146 Understand How to Manage Money in a Business
T6152256 Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management
T6152287 Working as Part of a Group
Y6152251 Communication Skills
Y6152279 Presenting Yourself for Work
Y6152296 Being Safe and Healthy at Work
Y6171513 Universal Credit


Level 2

A5032965 Understanding Negotiation of Deals in a New Business
D5032960 Personal Skills and Abilities to Start a Business
F5032966 Understand the Challenges and Risks of Starting a New Business
H5033432 Principles of Marketing and Selling in a New Business
J5004585 Choose Your Business Premises
K5032962 Understand How to Plan for a New Business
M5032963 Understanding Business Relationships in a New Business
M6014408 Run a Business from Home
T5032964 Understanding Finance in a Business Context